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Yi Ching

I threw the coins and interpreted them using Stephen Karcher's Total I Ching, which I'm generally thrilled with--it's perfect for someone who is oriented towards both divination and shamanism. Here is the Wikipedia entry on I Ching. After I read G the interpretations, he was curious how they compared to Crowley's version of the Yi Ching, so I decided to write this into an entry. Incidentally, you can get an automated reading from Crowley's Yi Ching.

My question was, in its abstract form, "How shall I turn these obstacles into openings?" The answers was:

- -
- -

In other words, hexagram 31 with the transforming line on the sixth, and hexagram 33. The transforming line refers to a direct answer, the first hexagram refers to the current situation, and the general description of the second hexagram refers to the future outcome. The short version of the answer, with plenty of interpretation on my part, is this:

Transforming line: "The mouth is loosened and bursts forth. This influence inspires you and you burst forth in passionate speech. It may not last long, so be ready to retreat when words run out. Pull back. It will connect you with a creative force." Crowley's says "The wag not thy toungue, nor drop thy jaw!"

Current hexagram: This is the hexagram of conjoining, or indeed the syzygy. The book offered two symbols. The first is an axe and a mouth, depicting haruspicy, which turns a sacrificed animal into a portal or connection to the spirit world. Also, the divine transmission moves from the medium's eyes to his or her mouth. The second image was that of a mountain swathed in mist. While water is often to be found at the base of the mountain, in this case it is at the top, so the flowing quality is to dominate over the solid quality. And there's also mention of a mountain shrine, which suggests that the mist is again like the spirit world connecting with the earthly world. Crowley's says "Mutual influence; good fortune bless/ Man's firm correctness with the tide, success."

Future hexagram: "Withdraw, conceal yourself, pull back; retreat in order to advance later; the Mountain Shrine." Crowley's says "A retirement. Though thy force be spent./ Adroit withdrawal masters the event!"
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