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I have started listening to audio recordings while waiting for sleep at night. The most valuable one has been Shakti Gawain on Creative Visualization.

Creative visualization is, conceptually, incredibly simple. So I found reading a book about it boring. But on the other hand, I don't often cultivate the dynamic of manifestation on my own. Listening to those meditations almost every night allows me to channel energy for visualization while remaining passive aside from the process. It's simply more practical than leading myself through a trance on something which I'm struggling with anyway. It has also been interesting to notice those nights when I can't really concentrate on the meditation. That tells me that my energy is low and I shouldn't insist on it for some time.

So far, I find that its effect is not mysterious at all. When I engage in the meditation at night, the next day I am generally more focused on the subject of the meditation. When I infuse the subject with good associations, that infusion counteracts the bad associations which have attached themselves to several important areas.

I've been meaning to post about my experience with the Thoth deck, some of which was similar to creative visualization. So this is a note to remind myself of that more insistently.
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